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Dependable Boat Lifts & Dock Accessories

Keep your watercraft out of the waves with boat lifts from Shore Products Co. in Auburn, New York. We have a selection of different lifts and dock accessories from Hewitt™ to meet your particular preferences.

Boat Lift - Dock Accessories
Manual Boat Dock Lift - Dock Accessories

Hi-Lift Vertical Aluminum Boat Lifts

Our Hi-Lift is an economical, direct, vertical-rise lift that is specifically designed for deeper water applications or sites where water levels may fluctuate. These lifts are based on simple, proven technology and feature the durable, rock-solid construction that characterizes every Hewitt™ lift. Seven models provide lifting capacities ranging from 1,100 pounds to 6600 pounds.

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Hydraulic Lift

While walking down to the dock, press a button on your wireless remote control. Thirty seconds later, your boat is in the water and ready to go. With a reliable, rugged, and extremely easy-to-operate Hewitt Hydraulic Boat Lift, you'll never hesitate to use your boat again.

The corrosion-resistant, all-aluminum frame can rest dockside in up to 8 feet of water with optional bracing and deep-water legs. The Hewitt Hydraulic Boat Lift also carries an exceptional 15-year conditional warranty on all aluminum and aluminum welds.

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Boat Lift & Dock Accessories

Hewitt offers an extensive line of accessories designed to aid installation, simplify use, and provide additional protection for your boat. These dock accessories are also available to satisfy the specific needs of certain types of craft and varying lake or river conditions.

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